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How to Increase Recurring Revenue

Published on: 25-04-2022

According to Ahmed Elbatrawy having a loyal customer base is one of the most important aspects of success. This is because customers who return to buy from you are more likely to have a positive experience than customers who buy from your competitors. Your client database is your most valuable asset, and a happy customer will tell others about it. Here are some of the most effective methods for obtaining repeat business. Continue reading to learn more about how to keep your consumers coming back to you.

One of the most important aspects of any marketing plan is to develop recurring consumers. Customers who have previously purchased from you are more inclined to do so again, and they are also more likely to tell their friends and family about your business. Furthermore, repeat consumers are easier to market to than new customers since they are familiar with the brand and are more inclined to believe in your products and services. While acquiring new consumers is costly, returning clients are free to promote your business. They will tell their friends and relatives about your company, and they may even follow you on social media.

As your company grows, you'll need to work harder to turn new clients into repeat customers. According to one study, repeat purchases account for 45 percent of all transactions, with 65 percent occurring after the third purchase. Using a comprehensive, integrated ERP system to automate your organization and drive growth is a terrific approach to get started. Repeat purchases will increase income in addition to expanding your consumer base. So, how do you get more repeat customers? Begin by tracking how many people are purchasing from you through your marketing efforts. In the long run, it will pay off.

Customers may keep track of their orders and preferences more easily with a customer account. This reduces friction in the purchasing process for recurring clients and boosts average repeat purchase rates. Furthermore, excellent customer service is required. After all, there's nothing like a satisfied consumer. Repeat business will be built on a tailored approach and attentive customer service. You might even find that repeat clients are willing to tell their friends about your offerings.

Offer vouchers for future usage as another approach to increase repeat business. Many shoppers come into a store for one item and never return. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to attract this specific demographic of customers. Offering future-use coupons for future purchases will encourage customers to return to your store by giving them a reason to do so. You never know when someone will require your products or services. You might also provide them with a discount.

Ahmed Elbatrawy explains treating consumers like family is another method to increase recurring business. Folks prefer to do business with people who know what they're talking about. Big-box retailers, for example, have no way of knowing which customers are returning, but people do. Personalized customer service and email marketing will aid in the development of a positive relationship with your customers. Customers will value the extra work you put into their purchases as well as the high-quality experience you provide.

A new customer is costly, and acquiring one is often prohibitively expensive. Customers who buy from you again and again are more inclined to choose your brand over competitors. Because their average order value is typically larger, they are more likely to spend money on upsells. Repeat clients will gladly purchase more of your goods. They'll also be more loyal to your brand as a result of their faith in you. This can lead to a higher return on investment for your company.

Ahmed Elbatrawy makes clear the key to recurring business is to build expectation. Many people enjoy counting down the days until their next vacation. Excitement is a result of anticipation. You may make a lasting impression on your customers by incorporating minor nuances into your service. Customers love to come back for more! Remember that repeat consumers refer 50% more people to a company than first-time buyers. So, with each and every visit, make sure you do everything you can to make this a memorable experience.

Mentioning low-cost add-on goods near the cash wrap is a simple method to enhance UPT. Adding amusing items near the cash register can boost UPT by 10% or more. You'll make more money with less work if you introduce a new deal for recurring clients. And you'll be able to keep a profitable connection going for a long time. Repeat clients are more important than new ones, and they can help you increase sales and revenue.

How to Prepare for Listing a House Before Doing So

Published on: 04-13-2022
According to Ahmed Elbatrawy, there are numerous parts of selling a home that are overlooked by many sellers before they put it up for sale. A property's asking price isn't the sole consideration in deciding whether or not it's going to be sold. Approximately 43% of house sellers must cut the price of their property at least once before it sells. Here are a few things you should do before advertising your house if you want to avoid the same fate:
The house has to be staged and thoroughly cleaned before it can be put on the market. Since a formal inspection cannot take place without meticulous cleaning and preparation, the house should be in show-ready condition prior to going on the market. Prior to putting your home on the market, you should do a comprehensive investigation of it. While it isn't necessary to know everything about the property, you should have a broad understanding of what it offers before it is put on the market. Forms may help you keep track of important information about a property and determine its market worth.
Adapt your presentation to the requirements of the audience you're speaking to. Acquire a thorough understanding of the people you're interacting with so that you can respond intelligently to their concerns and queries. For example, they may be selling because they just acquired a new house and must close within three months of the date of the purchase. If their dogs are not leashed or otherwise restrained, they may not have the time to schedule a trip. As a result, when potential customers stop by, they'll have someplace to go.
Gather all of your home's paperwork. Your listing agent will rely on them to finalize the sale of your home. Gather all papers and documentation, including the mortgage payback amount, since this will vary at the time of the closing... The projected payback amount will include the outstanding balance of the mortgage, the applicable interest, and prorated property taxes. A successful sale requires a complete inventory of all relevant papers. So, if you want to learn more about how to sell papers, stay reading.
Ensure that all necessary disclosures are made available. A real estate agent is well-versed in the regulations governing disclosures and can take care of any necessary paperwork on your behalf. Despite the fact that many jurisdictions do not compel sellers to disclose certain information, real estate professionals encourage making certain disclosures for good faith and legal reasons. When it comes time to make an offer, buyers might benefit from the advice of real estate agents. Prospective purchasers may get these records from a reputable real estate agency.
Ahmed Elbatrawy pointed out that, get rid of all traces of your identity. There is a good chance that your residence will be viewed negatively by potential purchasers. Prospective purchasers will have different expectations if you leave the house in its existing state. Staging your house to make it more appealing to prospective buyers is another option to keep in mind. To ensure that your dog or cat is taken care of while your home is on the market, you'll need to make prior arrangements. This will be reflected in the design of your home's interior.
Make sure your house is clean. Even though it seems obvious, filthy restrooms and toilets may have a negative impact on the way people perceive a place. As a precaution, check sure every light is working and operating correctly. It's important to clean the bathrooms, toilets, floors, and carpets in your home to keep them fresh and free of unpleasant aromas. Cleaning services might be a good investment if you have the cash.
In Ahmed Elbatrawy’s opinion, invest in a camera and a photographer. Ideally, the images should be shot in the daytime, when there is a lot of natural light. Photos of your house should emphasize its best aspects. With a wide-angle camera, prospective buyers will be able to see the whole space. The best outcomes may be obtained by using the services of a skilled real estate photographer. Even while you may take your own pictures, it is highly advised that you engage a real estate photographer.
Get the facts first. Do some market research and figure out how much your house is worth. If you haven't worked with an agent yet, you may want to do so. Many sellers begin working with agents months in advance. Agents can handle all the pre-sale, marketing, showing, and negotiating chores for you. You must take into mind all the extra chores required if you wish to sell your property on your own.
Perform a pre-listing inspection before putting the house on the market. Before putting their house on the market, sellers should employ an inspector to do a thorough inspection. Pictures and descriptions of what the inspector discovered should be included in the report. Buyers are less likely to back out of a purchase following an inspection if the house has been examined before it goes on the market. Having an accurate appraisal of the home's condition is also helpful. Fix any major issues with the house before you put it on the market.

In a Seller's Market, How to Make Your House Look Good for Selling - Over Asking Price in 2022


Ahmed Elbatrawy described that, Selling a house is a difficult task. The majority of buyers want to know that a vendor is reliable. However, there are a few things that can be done to assist a seller in getting the most money for their home. Here are some pointers to help a seller maximize the value of their home. Consider how much you are willing to lower the price before making an offer. It will make both you and the seller's buying experience more enjoyable.
Limit the sale to a certain amount of time. Setting a specific closing date and introducing a rent-back arrangement may help the seller accept your offer if there are multiple offers. If the buyer is serious, offering earnest money may help the transaction move along more quickly. It's also a great way to persuade sellers to sell. An offer with a higher down payment is more likely to pique the seller's interest.
Contingencies should be avoided. Sellers frequently refuse to negotiate. They price their home higher than they expect to be able to sell it for. They do this to see if anyone will counter with a lower offer. If a seller accepts an offer that is less than the asking price, it indicates that the seller does not believe the property is worth the asking price. If the seller is sentimental, a personal letter expressing your love for the home may be enough to sway them.
Be as specific as possible. The best sellers will adjust the value of their goods or services to meet the needs of their customers. A screwdriver with a short handle, for example, can save a person 20 minutes per day, resulting in a 5% increase in efficiency. A screwdriver with a short handle can save a homeowner 20 minutes per day. A long-handled screwdriver can increase a person's daily productivity by 5% in addition to saving money.
Ahmed Elbatrawy explained that, A seller will frequently list their home at a price that is 10% to 15% below its fair market value. There will be multiple offers and a bidding war as a result of this. The best way to get a quick sale is to list a home below market value. You will gain a competitive advantage over your competitors if you use this strategy. This strategy will also improve your chances of the seller accepting your offer.
Some sellers underprice their homes in order to spark a bidding war. While being selective in your buyer selection is acceptable, you must ensure that the buyer is trustworthy. A seller will get the most money for his house if he does it this way. The agent should be able to assess a potential buyer's ability and credibility. Getting the highest bidder is a good way to help a seller get the most value out of a home.
Microsoft has taken some significant steps in the direction of maximizing value. Potential customers can take a free guided tour of the facility. It also provides different formats for customer stories to help the seller with the sales process. Customer stories that are tailored to the individual help potential buyers feel confident and at ease when making a purchase. You can use this method to assist sellers in getting the most out of their property. It will also help the seller close the deal by increasing their revenue.
Ahmed Elbatrawy pointed out that, A seller should try to maximize the product's value in addition to making the house look appealing. Pricing is one way to accomplish this. After purchasing a product, a customer should be satisfied with it. A customer is only allowed to purchase a certain amount. A buyer will not buy something if he or she does not like the price. When a buyer receives a discount, the seller should take this advantage into account rather than the price.
Many companies claim to be able to match buyers with the best deals. Typically, these firms provide sales leads but are unable to assist sellers with pricing. Instead, they're there to assist sellers in getting the best price. They must be able to respond to any objections raised by the buyer and be willing to negotiate. When a buyer wants to buy a house, he should be able to complete the transaction.